Catering Menu

Doner Kebap Sandwich &chicken soupchicken soup1 WRAP & SOUP

Mix & Match                                    10 or More  8.45                       20 or more 8.00

Wraps SelectionCalifornia, Buffalo, Steak, Veggie, Chicken Doner or Beef Doner

Soup SelectionChicken Noodle, Lentil, Tarator

Doner Kebap Sandwich &Mediterranean Avocado Salad WRAP & SALAD

Mix & Match                                    10 or More  7.75                       20 or more 7.45

Wraps Selection:  California, Buffalo, Steak, Veggie, Chicken Doner or Beef Doner

Salad Selection: Ceaser salad. For different salad choice please call.


Party Menu WparsShish-kebobs


  • Pizza and Salad Party for 20                                                        150.00

    Five different pizzas and Greek salad for 20 people.

  • Gyro and Salad Party for 20                                                        160.00   

    Gyros meat, tomatoes, onions, tzatziki, Greek pitas and Greek salad for 20 people.

  • Shish-Kebob and Salad Party for 20                                       180.00

    Chicken or pork shish kebob, tzatziki, pitas and Greek salad for 20 people.




Greek                               35.00                            60.00

Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Feta Cheese, Calamata olives

Shopska                          35.00                            60.00

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Roasted Red Peppers, Green Onions, Feta Cheese, Virgin Olive oil and Vinegar

Ceaser                              30.00                             56.00

Classic Romain Salad.

Potatoe Salad                25.00                             46.00

Boiled Potatos, Green Onions with Virgin Olive Oil and Vinegar

Cabbage and Carrots   25.00                            46.00

Chopped Cabbage and Carrots with olive oil and vinnegar.

Green Salad                     28.00                            52.00

Romain Lettuce, Green Onions, Boiled Eggs, Red Raddish, Virgin Oliv Oil and Vinegar

Russian Salad                 38.00                          70.00

Mayonese, Boiled green peas, pikles, eggs , ham, carrots, potatoes.

White Salad                      36.00                        65.00

Sour Cream, Cucumbers, Walnut, Dill and Garlic



A La Carte                          10pc        25pc          75pc

Chicken                                                         27.50            63.75             168.75

*BBQ-smoothered in BBQ sauce

*Greek Style - Seasoned in our own recipe

* Fryed-Lightly seasoned and batter dipped

* Grilled Chicken breast -Smothered in Tasty World's own sauce.

Bulgarian Sausages (kebapchetta)  25.00            56.25                 161.25

Bulgarian meatballs (kufte)               27.00            62.50               168.75

Pork Steak                                                    39.50           93.75               262.50

Smothered in Tasty World's own sauce.

Whole Pig                                                             150.00

Whole Lamb                                                       240.00

Whole Lamb with Rice (Drob Surma)      270.00

Whole lamb with Full Deep Pan of rice with lamb kidneys and hearts cooked by traditional bulgarian recipe.


For Veggie Lovers

Half Pan            Full Pan

Fried Zuccini                            38.00                     72.00

Served with Pitas or Home Made Bread and Yogurt garlic sauce.

Greek Potatoes                        25.00                    45.00

Served with Pitas or Home Made Bread

Stuffed Peppers                       45.00                    82.00

Mix of veggies with rice, stuffed in fresh green or red peppers. Oven baked. Bread is included.