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Tasty World Restaurant is located at 4834 N Cumberland Ave., Norridge, IL, 60706. We serve American, Mediterranean and Nigerian Cuisine.

We are known for delighting our valued diners and customers alike with great dishes from most parts of the world, hence the word ‘’world’’ in our name. We are famous for American foods such as our delicious Burgers and Sandwiches. Our Tasty Gyros and Europe's most famous fast food sandwich: Doner Kabob sandwich account for the great customers loyalty over the years. 

Our Nigerian specials like Jollof Rice, Pounded yam and spinach soup will delight you and leave you asking for more. 

We proudly serve our customers with Rotisserie Chicken, Shawarma , Puffy balls (puff-puff) and lots more. Our soups and daily specials are freshly made each day from old traditional recipes.

Here at Tasty World, we love our customers and friends and the support and loyalty are most appreciated.  

Special Events and Catering

Seasonal and Local

We refuse to compromise on quality in our restaurant. That's why we source our fresh ingredients from approved locations at all times.